Cinderella and Merida Team Up!

Welcome to our first blog post. Where do I begin? Well, Lisa is my daughter-in-law. She is married to Charlie (some call him Chuck). She is the mother of my three most favorite little people. I wouldn't have chosen anyone else for that job! Lisa is amazing, drop-dead gorgeous, sweet, kind, compassionate, extroverted, guru of fashion and beauty, a very girly-girl! Then there's me - Tammy - very talented, creative, blunt, introverted, guru of building things out of wood, painting anything that stands still, a very tomboyish kinda girl.

What are our other differences? She loves pink, I love brown. She eats, drinks and sleeps pumpkin-spice and everything Keto. I like sweet tea, fried anything, and peanut butter with a spoonful of sugar on top. She wears high-heels, fancy booties, and many other styles I couldn't possibly begin to describe. I own 3 pairs of shoes. She hugs her chickens, I think chickens should be fried. She's so lovely - I'm so rough. Everyone loves her, only my best friends love me. Her first go-to is prayer, mine is a curse word. Getting the picture? And then we came up with the idea of going into business together!

Lisa and I owned our own businesses featuring our God-given talents, beauty and DIY. One day we got this idea - let's combine them and WOW! The world with all that we can offer! Choosing the name was the easiest part. One thing we both love equally is Charlie! It took about 3 minutes to come up with Charley and Company, with a slight tweak to feminize his name. Our vision of what this business looked like in terms of what we have to offer was just as easy - create, teach, and sell services and products. And that's where our likenesses came to a halt!

At first there were many "ahem..." moments, some words spoken, some were not, but as the days go by, we throw everything into the pot and keep stirring it slowly. The fragrance is sweet and flowery, with a mix of eclectic and vintage, some things new and some things old, a touch of rose and a touch of clove. As we continue to simmer, we are getting better, closer, and appreciate every element of differences. We push each other, improve each other, are never bored, and will ultimately bring balance and complimentary styles to our new adventure.

I love ya girl and think you are amazing!


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